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Did You Know? July Fun Facts

Did you know that the month of July was originally named “Quintilis”? Quintilis comes from the Latin word “Quint” which is the number 5. In the Roman Calendar, which stated in March, July was actually the 5th month!

July then became the 7th month and was named after Julius Caesar in honor of his birth month. Caesar developed the precursor to the Gregorian calendar we now use today.

Below are some fun holidays to celebrate during the month of July!

July 1st – National Postal Worker Day and U.S. Postage Stamp Day
Thank your postal worker and leave a nice note in your mailbox!

July 3rd – The beginning of Dog Days of Summer!
Traditionally 40 days ending August 11, the Dogs Days of Summer coincide with the dawn rising of the Sirius, the Dog Star. Which is believed to be the brightest star in the sky (if you don’t count the sun). The dog days are known for being the hottest days of summer!

July 4th – Independence Day
 A federal holiday honoring the Declaration of Independence!

July 5th – National Bikini Day
On this day in 1946, Paris debuted the two-piece bathing suit.

July 11th – 7-Eleven Day
Go get your free Slurpee!

July 15th – National Pet Fire Safety Day
Take preventable measures to save your home and your pet. Go to American Kennel Club for safety tips!

July 17th – World Emoji Day
A Japanese expression, Emoji means “picture word” and was developed in 1990. In 2007, when the first iPhone released by Apple, an emoji keyboard was embedded to expand the market. To view all the Emojis created, go to

July 21st – National Ice Cream Day
Established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984

July 25th – National Merry-Go-Round Day
Go find a merry-go-round and have fun. Bring out your inner kid!

July 26th – National Talk in an Elevator Day
Most elevator rides are silent, try to strike up a conversation, meet someone new!

July 28th – National Waterpark Day
Find a waterpark near you. Bathing suits, fun and laughter required!

July 31st – National Avocado Day
This delicious fruit has heart-healthy fats, Omega 3 fatty acids and full of Vitamins C, E and K. It can also help keep your skin soft and hydrated. Eat it, cook with the oil, and put it on your skin!

We hope you are enjoying your summer!

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